In 2015, the Xiadu Boutique Motel was remodeled to create a beautifully planned and happy space with flowers, vanilla and feminine fragrance. Enjoy the perfect space and equipment and a new paradise for men and women in the city. The design is beyond ordinary motel standards. Skylight and waterscape, tranquility, elegance, and luxury are outstanding The taste design! Romantic European, Japanese Zen style, Chinese classics, let you be in the most gorgeous romantic atmosphere ~ a vast and comfortable vision and fascinating situation to meet you in Xiadu ~ Extend the infinite love of life!

It is close to Zhongyou Department Store, Yizhong Business District, Fengjia Business District Night Market, Xinshe, Dakeng Scenic Area, Daya Interchange of Zhongshan Expressway, about 10-20 minutes by car, the travel itinerary is quite convenient~